For years, the traditional Methodists, even the UMC have been taking a turn towards a neo-Christianity which is not Christian doctrine at all, but basically a religionization of liberal politics    The Christian faith is  one of mercy, truth, love, kindness,  but it is founded on the agape love of God,  in the  Kingdom of God, […]

Documents from the Shoah: A Reader from Shoaheducation.comby Elizabeth Kirkley Best, PhDA five volume series, this set of books is designed for the beginning student of holocaust studies or any politically interested reader, who wishes to have the most basic source documents which influenced, shaped and affected the Shoah years and WWII including the birth […]

A recent discussion has emerged regarding whether ‘Holocaust Music’ is demeaning or demoralizing to the Jews.   The genre of ‘holocaust music’ is being performed more and more frequently by local, regional and national music ensembles for the very apparent reason,  that like the topic, it attracts an audience:  people still wish to learn and […]

The Brand  new “2012 NIV” or New International Version has become even more international than before!!! They’ve now changed EVERYBODY that lives in Israel: Jews, Americans, Europeans, Arabs, Palestinians, Iranians, Indians, EVERYBODY into ‘Israelites’. Well, one may say, that seems quite reasonable, after all many kinds of people live in Israel these days, and even […]

Student says Holocaust Lesson went too farTeaching about the Shoah can be Fun(?) Over the past 10 or twelve years holocaust /tolerance education has begun to find its place in the K12 general curriculum, though it still is relegated to the occasional program, or integrated into standard classroom teaching such as the teaching of Anne […]

For the past 7 years of most of my posts have been on the Church and Shoah, Ethics, or issues of interest to the Church or Synagogue, but today, after a rather long hiatus, the ‘commentary’ regards an unsung hero in my book who has singularly made much of my work possible: my son, […]

Upon thinking in depth about an end of the year post, many topics came to mind: the violent Christmas season that just passed, the SOPA bill in Congress that could change the way we use and view the Internet (and who governs it), the end of a year that saw ‘everyman’ rise up in many […]